quinta-feira, janeiro 25, 2007

Books, peoples, tea and me

Yesterday night I had a bit of adventure: event feeling the temperature below zero, I get out from home and to the DeBalie, a mix of old theatre, cinema, show house(?), bar and restaurant, self-entitled "centre of culture and politics". My motivation: meet the MeetIn.Org people for a Book Exchange event.

The place is fantastic: big, sumptuous, modern, well equiped, a bit noisy and not allways the best place for talking, but nice and warm.

I came in the place not feeling me ears anymore. Maybe its time to look for and buy a ear protector, or something like this, to keep them warm. Winter is my favorite season, but there is a big difference between being in cold wheather and being in cold...

With me, three books from my personal aquisitions here in the netherlands, for exchange. [Memo to myself: build a list of books somewhere in this website so people can read what I'm reading]

As allways, introductions took place while the first drinks was served. I asked for a cup of tea, hoping I can pour some warm back on my almost frost body from it.

After introductions, one at at time, the event participants presented they books, with a small summary about it, or shamelessly confessing "yeah, I didn't read this one". The books quickly piled on the table, in a "I don't want this book back" and a "I need my book back" categories.

After everybody talked (me inclusive, big shame, nervous and shaking a lot just because there was three native english speakers with us), the books changed hands, quickly. I was not interested on anything, so I didn't pick any. People got concerned about this, but I called for the "no rules" assertion, and sayid: "there is no rules, so there is no rule to force me choose a book". After some more insistance, I grabbed one of the books people kept offering me, just to finish that torture.

Almost everybody get home immediatelly after books was exchanged, and the first round of drinks drunk. I and three woman stand for a second round, and I listened gossips about children and husbands and work issues during the next 90 minutes, while having a glass of a cheap wine DeBalie people served me as "huis wijn" (house wine).

After this, by 23:30, aproximatelly, I get up, said goodbye everybody, and went home, for one more hour reading until I feel asleep and waked up today, half an hour before my alarm clock, again... this is the 5th time this happens in a row, and I'm starting to get concerned about this. Would love to know why my body insists in taking decisions without consulting me...

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Nelio disse...

So, you went to amsterdam to read books and drink tea?!?? Put some sense into that stubborn head of yours and visit those coffee shops you have there! :D Just kidding!!