segunda-feira, janeiro 29, 2007

Some Dead Trees, and Two Purple Crocodiles...

Confession: I'm trully impressed with the dutch hability to be bureaucratic. They make everything harder, if you don't know the Right Way To Do It (TM).

I tryied to register myself this morning, and for this purpose I got to the Oud Zuid Stadsdeel for information, a cup of tea and paper work (a.k.a. Dead Trees).

Easy to get there, easy to talk to someone speaking english. But the only thing I got there was a new address, to somewhere on Sloteweg, the other side of the city. Without any other option, I followed the orientations: called the phone number, and asked for an appointment for registration. The guy on the other side told me that no appointment was necessary (i.e., it was a Purple Crocodile the first person asked me), and that I could show up tomorrow, because the "system" had problems.

Just because I'm a true nerd, it doesn't mean that I'm stupid. I asked the guy if I could show up just for talking and information, and, without any other alternative, he said "OK, just show up, then".

I went straight from the Stadsdeel to the Immigratiedienst. As I expected, the history about the "system" was another Purple Crocodile, and everything was working nicely when I got there, about 30 minutes later.

I was called in 20 minutes, after a small waiting. There where closed cabines where you get in, and no-one can heard the conversations. Nice and educated. The anglican way of thinking and act is amazing, under some aspects.

Documents sorted out, I need to present them with my spanish birth certificate, my spanish marriage certificate (even if I want to divorce!), and everything must be translated to dutch.

At least, my registration could be completed, and I need to show up at the Oud Zuid Stadsdeel in three days from now to pick it up. Lets see what happens...

After this, I went to the Spanish Consulate, to grab my new pasport. Nice new passport, by the way. It's hard-covered, with nice illustrations about immigratory animals and its routes arround the globe, really well-conceived, and with carefully tought details.

From there, to the offices, and I was having a long day. Worked untill 15:30, and get out again, just the right time to get to the apartment I'm trying to rent.

Nice place. 86 square meters, kitchen, huge living room, two bedrooms big size, bathroom with a descent bathtube, nice view to the back of the street, silence and no neighbors to care about. And a nice and spacious space outside, where is possible to make a barbecue or have drinks and some sun.

I decided rent the place, for 700€ per month. All I need to do now is wait for my application go through the analysis process, and start buying carpet, furniture and install myself. I hope this will not cost much. Maybe with two or three tousand euros I can manage this easily. This means: more two or three months unconfortable, but now unconfortable on my onw place. :-) Lets wait and see if I can rent this.

Now, I'm sitting on the offices, and was supposed to do some more work, but I can't. Too tired. Maybe I should go home and leave this things for tomorrow.

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