sexta-feira, janeiro 26, 2007

A Wardrobe Full of Skeletons

Its like magic.

It doesn't matter how long it was since the last time you talked to your almost-ex-wife. The only thing you can trust is: next time someone asks you about her, she'll come back from the wardrobe, trying to catch your attention at lest for a few seconds.

This just happened to me today. My almost-ex-wife just popped from the wardrobe, and sayid "I have problems with the AVG anti-virus". No fancy conversation, no "Hi, how'd you doing", nothing. Dry as sand.

I confess I feet reliefed after the first impact. I was thinking that she will cry loud and scream at me the rest of my life, and this is not happening. Thanks, God.

After gathering the information she needed, she just went away, and I didn't say anything else. Of course, this post is here so the interested people can know that asking is dangerous and you should not.

Yes, mom, this is for you: please don't ask about my almost-ex-wife anymore. I guess its safe to call her if you want to. I think I would just wait a few more days, just to make sure she is not able to connect your phone call with her conversation with me. At least, not so quickly.

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