sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2007

Beneath the Skin book critic

Maybe this is not the best place ever to do this, but I will start criticising the books I've been reading on the last times. I'm writing it here so people from the's Amsterdam Book Exchange Events can read my comments and also leave them here.

The first one I would like to write about is "Beneath the Skin" from Nicci French.

The book is quite obvious, sharp, without any good descriptions (no scenario descriptions, no personage descriptions, no psicological analisys). The only interesting writing technique used on the book is that the narrative focus changes as the last protagonist dies. This is like starting a new book, in the middle of a book you're already reading. It's a bit confusing, but interesting.

The book tells the history of two murders and a half. Police is pictured like a bad joke, incompetent and disorganized. The last victm solves the mistery (err... actually, the murder reveals himself through the book, just in case you didn't get it in time).

I'm disapointed and would not recommend this book anyone.

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