segunda-feira, fevereiro 19, 2007


This saturday I decided that it's time for a heavy clean-up.

I was trying not to manage to do this, because I was believing that I will leave this apartment for my own soon, but I can't stand anymore.

I went to the Blokker Stores, bought some cleaning equipment, and cleaned everything. From the supermarket, I brought cleaning chemical for the wooden floor and for the plastic floor on the kitchen, and a good spray cleaner for the bathroom, bathtube and the kitchen sink.

I also was expecting a guest, this afternoon. Nélson told me yesterday he was comming, and I needed to prepare the reception.

The cleaning make I feel much better, the house is much more confortable now. And I guess that the little mouse that walked arround here will not show up again that soon.

Close to midnight, Nélson sent me a message telling he was blocked untill tomorrow morning and will not made it to my house tonight.

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