segunda-feira, fevereiro 12, 2007

Crappy Day

I remember watching telly on Brazil and seeing a happy family on a commercial with a song that repeated exhaustively "Oh, happy day". In my case, I guess the best would be using "Oh, crappy day" instead. It was really a bad day, and I'm exhausted. Of course, I could stand for more but there is little to say about this day. I was disturbed by my ex-wife once more, and I need to plan a trip to Rotterdam, so I can go to the brazilian consulate (just for a power of attorney, that will cost less than the trip).

As a last bonus, when I tryied to download the photos I toke during the weekend with my camera, I discovered that this Mac Mini have severe restrictions about the energy usage at its USB ports. It seems that a mouse and a keyboard is everything it can power. I hated it.

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