domingo, fevereiro 11, 2007

Harry Potter and El País

Sunday is the bookshoping day.
This time, I got a special promotion and bought all Harry Potter books. Will have readings for the next 3 months, for sure. Total price: 82€, for seven books. Almost nothing compared with the price in Brazil or Portugal. In Brazil, buying the books was extremelly prohibitive: high prices and small availability of my time was the main issues. At Portugal, the perspective of needing to leave the books behind me or carry them with me to another country (or brack to Brazil) was the main reason for not reading. On the other hand, here I have no restrictions like this, and the books are way too cheap for not buying them.
And the Britishes still saying that buying books at Amsterdam is quite expensive, that they cost a lot more than at the UK. Of course, what I don't think they take into consideration is that here you can pay books in Euros, and in the UK you need to pay them in Sterling Pounds, and this makes a big difference at the end. The numbers there are smaller, but the price (in Euros, at least) are almost the same.
I also bought a copy of the sunday edition of the El País. Now that I'm attending the Mass speaked in spanish, my needs for learning spanish language are increasing, and this means that any addition to my vocabulary is very welcome.
BTW, is was wrong about the church, its St Nicolaas church, not St. Peters, as I first informed.
Ah! Speaking about mass and the church, I was remembered (with all remaining community, of course) that the next sunday is the last sunday of the common time, and we will start the Lent. And this remembers me that I probably will celebrate the Easter alone, this year. Will remember to try and find a cheap train ticket to take part of the Easter Celebrations at the Vatican, for compensation.
Now I should go. There are lots of things to read, and I don't want to waste more time on the internet - there is nothing productive happening here.

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André disse...

Harry Potter?!? Whattaf... But... Ah, come on! Harry Potter? You're kidding, aren't you?

Well, daddy says a teacher in Teology College told him that Harry Potter's bokk are deeply teological, but I don't believe. It can have, for sure, a lot of pholosophical stuff. That's the food of contemporary literature (check it out in Umberto Eco, e.g.).

Ok, I'll try to get in Amsterdam for Easter.