sexta-feira, fevereiro 09, 2007

Japanese Flag

Friday is always a funny day.
First, there is the happy-hour at the company, with some of the co-workers making hard efforts to still drying the ever-increasing beer stock the company bought for those special days.
There are also the chats, and the jokes, and cigarretes (or just the smoke, for the non-smokers), and laught and happyness: this is the begin of the end of the week.
Usually, when we are feeling better, we go out and have dinner at some place nearby. There is a Japanese Food restaurant named Wagamama my fellows at the office like a lot, not only because its close to the office but also because of the good food and big portions.
Today, Niek, one of those japanese-food-lovers friends from work, told everybody at the Wagamama Restaurant that he once met a guy (a friend, I presumed), that told him that his ass looked like the japanese flag.
Silence was broken only by the sound of the credit card machine printer.
Of course, this is not something you could tell your brazilian friends (i.e., me) without being punished for.
Now, at the bar, he is trying to show the "Japanese Flag" everybody... this will not be something I would like to witness.

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