sexta-feira, fevereiro 02, 2007

Legally Registered, at last...

After a couple of Purple Crocodiles, and a lot of walking arround in Amsterdam area, a bit of insistency and a bit of patience, I finally managed to have myself registered at the Amsterdam Oud Zuid Stadsdeel this means, in practical terms, that I'm a legal immigrant, and that I can rent a place to live, at last.

This also mean that a small part of my problems are at last solved, and now I can focus on other important things. Will start looking for a good dutch course, so I can understand the natives, and will start looking for things to do on the weekends.

Also I will be able to have proper rest at night. Sleeping on a sleepbag everynight is killing me...

And need to start woking my way through the divorce papers and procedures. This means more headaches, at least for some time.

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