quarta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2007


I was reading about The Python Paradox, by Paul Graham, today. Nice article pointed me by Igor. It seems that this is my own paradox, and I quickly identified myself with it. Seems to be the history of my professional career at Brazil, being on the wrong side, begging for freak, weird jobs at small companies directed by ex-university students and all kind of clueless business managers that accidentally choosed "the wrong language" for their projects, or just need to keep and maintaing legacy software built a long time ago for a weird expert they hired on a desperated moment.

It took me a long while to figure out what was going on with my professional career. I was developing myself at the margin of the Market trends, not worring about having a good job or not. I ever bored myself staying on a job longer than the time I stopped learning.

I could state now: my real job is learn and teach. Tech stuff is what I'm most interested on, but anything will do. I love the feeling of being able to learn and teach people about things. Even if sometimes it looks like I'm being arrogant. Of course, this made big difference on my life, always. And I would like to keep this character of my job as long as I can.

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