sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2007

Whistling for the Elephants Book Critic

This is the Amsterdam Book Exchange Events critic for the book "Whistling for the Elephants". Read on, and find out what I think about this book.

It seems that I read this book a long time ago, now. Anyway, it left a very good impression on me, and I would like to share it. This book is a feminist manifest, and could be used in several ways to teach and propagate the feminist ideas arround the world.

On the other hand, it have a nice, funny, smart history about a little girl that sees the world arround her change from the rich, snob way her mother lives (until her father lost his fortune) to a humble, small city close to New York, where she meets two woman that owns a private zoo.

I confess I cried a couple of times reading, and the book is beautiful, sad and emotive. It worths every dead tree used to print the book. ;-) If you have a chance, read it on!

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