quinta-feira, março 01, 2007

Getting Better Everyday...

Today I felt better than I was tomorrow.

I got up earlier than I should, was not able to sleep anymore. I had an appointment with my new Huisart (doctor), and wanted to be there in time.

Doctor Nods is a sympathic woman, and treated me quite well, much better than I was expecting to. She talked to me a lot, and was always patient and kind. She told me that in the Netherlands people usually don't have anything for colds, but she could recomend me to have aspirines and a lot of rest.

I had a small problem at the drugstore, nothing important. My health insurance is not properly implemented yet, so I was forced to pay for my drugs. I asked for a recipe and everything will go fine.

Working was extremelly dull today, I still tired from being awake all night long. Nothing I couldn't manage, of course.

I'm expreimenting some strange problems with the blog interface, it seems that the text formatting tools are missing, this is becoming a pain-in-the-ass. Is anybody else having the same problem?

Ah! The Real State Agent seems to finally have come back from vacations, and my apartment will be available to me next week. I must remember to take some photos from it so I can get it back on the same state I received it. I'll be signing the contract on wednesday, if nothing goes wrong. Otherwise, I will give up, and restart looking. Anyway, I will fill up a big complain about this mess.

I guess that's all for today. I will try to go home, have a hot meal and take some rest.

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