segunda-feira, março 19, 2007


I noticed that my english only speakers friends aren't being able to follow this diary for some time now. I need to explain something about that, sorry. That's because it's much easier to blog in my native tongue than any other else, specially when I don't have a lot to say or don't have a lot of time to say it.

This morning we had a bit more snow, wet, fast melting, annoying and not as beautiful as the first time I saw it. Anyway, people here told me that this is too late for snow already, and this should be the last time until next winter.

Funny day, nice wheather on the afternoon.

Anyway, today I make it to the supermarket for goodies and some food, and had my first Stamppot, a typical dutch dish. Also started my refrigerator, after a big deep cleaning. Now, I'm almost civilized again.

As a bonus from my previous adventure at IKEA last sunday, that I didn't blogged here (and I don't know why not), I figured out that I bought a piece less than I was supposed to for the bed, and that I should have bought some tools also, so I can assemble the furniture. Basically, it means I need to go IKEA again soon.

I also had a kind of bad time bringing another piece of luggage from the old apartment to the new one, two trams and one hour and a half wasted but I made it. Nevermind, those things will not happen again soon.

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