terça-feira, maio 01, 2007

Teasing a friend...

On friday night, after the company happy hour, me and the usual local suspects were on our way to the "second round" at a nearby bar called De Blauwe Engel ("The Blue Angel"). I was cycling arround my colleagues from the company, and $friend asked me for a ride to the Burger King (in the middle of the way to the pub).

Of course I didn't say no. She jumped in with class and, being the first time in my life that I had someone in my bike, I lost my balance for a split second, and rocked the bike a bit. $friend complained and asked me to go "faster". I did as I was told, and speed up to the Burger King.

Less than 3 seconds after asking me to "go faster" $friend started asking me to slow down. I was cheerful and not worried about falling from the bike (or dropping $friend, that would be unconceivable), and only stopped in front of the Burger King. It was less than a hundred metters raid, and $friend got down from the bike speaking to me as if I've turned her upside down holding her by her feets. Very confused, believing that she was kiding with me, I got in Burger King for a burger, and afterwards to the pub, with everybody. $friend didn't rided with me again. :-(

At the bar, the waiter offered us a free round, just after we come. This made all us holding two beer glasses and I started to throw drops of beer on Ariëtte (that was the nearby person) as she threatened me with TWO beer glasses, I stopped and started to tease $friend again (yes, $friend, I like to tease you as mutch as it seems that you like to tease me). $friend became very angry, without anything I could call "good reason". Of course, I stopped teasing her with drops of beer from my glass.

Later, I tryied offer $friend a drink, asking for her to forgive me, but she refused, and Ariëtte toke the glass from my hand (you're allways welcome, Ariëtte!) with a simpatic "I will take it".

On saturday, I thought about all this again, and believe that I should try apologising to $friend once more, and that's why I'm writting this: I need to make sure you're not angry with me just because I was teasing you a lot last friday.

But I would like to ask you something, also: please stop throwing those looks you give at me. They drive me crazy, and I'm almost sure that this is not your intention. If you would like to talk about this, please feel free to do so. But please stop... or I will melt down. ;-) Remember: you're compromised and I'm not your kind.

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