domingo, maio 18, 2008

AudioSapiens Plays at Black More

My brother was booked to play on the sunday after my arrival on São Paulo, at a place named Black More. It seems to be part of a festival or something simmilar.

As I had nothing better to do, I fetched my camera and went to the place for a beer, and to prestige AudioSapiens, my brother's band.

It was also a great opportunity to put to proof all the photography lessons I learned from my friend David Hodgkinson who I miss and that would love the place.

If I just forget that the band that started playing just after my brother's sounded like someone killing a very big pig with a very small tea spoon, everything was nice, and I had a great time picturing the show.

André, all the pictures I toke that evening are available for you and your band, we just need to agree about how to deliver them.

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