segunda-feira, novembro 10, 2008

South Park Celebrates Obama

Someone at work pointed me to this South Park short video, commenting that "South Park [producers] were pretty fast" to celebrate the election of Barack Hussein Obama II as the 44th USA president.

Well, South Park producers were not just fast. They also captured an important thing about this election (and, generally speaking, all elections in that there's a change on tendencies): the people indicated the need for a change, for a new direction in the policies. But that doesn't changes the status quo immediately.

This leads to the ridiculously anarchic situation the policeman goes through in the cartoon: he's the law enforcement representative, trying to make the partying people conform to the existing law (that demands proper behaviour from the citizens, at least in public). On the other hand someone wearing underpants only decides that he can do everything he wants because "Obama is the President, now!", and incites the crowd to flip the police car.

I wonder how much of this was observed in real life, when the results for the (indirect, mind you) elections became public.

South Park can be depressing, sometimes. It's a sharp and concussive model of a nasty and crude reality, for childrens of all ages.

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