quinta-feira, abril 16, 2009

UPC Sucks

Today, the technician from UPC came in to install the Optics Fibre modem at my place. Everything was fine and working wonderfully until he asked me to move the modem and everything else I had on my stack to the meter cupboard, outside of the apartment.

As that included the UTP cable I use to connect my desktop computer to the Internet, I opposed to it. Because it was against some regulation the technician was forced to obey, they couldn't install the Optics Fibre cable and I ended up without Optics Fibre. I wonder why it must always be so difficult.

Well, life goes on, I went away doing all the other stuff I was supposed to do during all day, went to the dentist, worked (from home, nice!) and this evening when I tried to download something chunkier, I discovered that my Internet connection didn't had the bandwidth it was supposed to have.

Well, I called the UPC technical support, and they told me that the problem was that the configuration they needed to do required "24 to 72 hours" to complete. Hum. To upgrade me to fibre takes just about one hour, but to downgrade me back to my old service, they need a lot more time. During this time, I'm being charged as if I have proper Internet connection, but I'm stuck with a 30KB/s narrow-band.

Upset, I asked for the complains department, but they only work until 18:00... :( UPC, you suck big time.

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