quinta-feira, maio 07, 2009

UPC Sucks, part 2

On Wednesday after 90 minutes of explanations and insistence over the phone I was able to cancel my Internet Service Provider (UPC).

Now that the Internet connection service is cancelled and that I'm not paying for it any more, the service is back online and working properly...

UPC does a great job in upsetting, misinforming, misguiding, confusing, and ignoring people. I say people because I don't expect any of the upset, misinformed, misguided, confused, and ignored clients to continue doing business with UPC.

UPC, you suck big time.

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Maria Looking 4 Maria disse...

well, i think is not that different than virgin in the uk. they do the same work than upc but in a different language, im afraid.
good luck now looking for a new provider! i cant really understand how they cant do work efficiently!