segunda-feira, abril 05, 2010


Today, I was trying to have a good time visiting the Winchester Mystery House a local attraction in San Jose, California (I don't recommend it), when my brother called me asking if I was all right, telling me there was a earthquake at the Gulf of California.

I told him everything was fine, turned off the phone and started asking people where exactly was the Gulf of California. Turns out that's a place in Mexico, not too far from the border with the USA.

Later, while doing my homework at the hotel, Google told me the USA government keeps a website where you can look up the latest 7 days information on earthquakes around the world. Pretty cool, I think. And I even found the earthquake my brother mentioned.

Turns out everything here is fine and the local media didn't even mention the earthquake. There were dozens of smaller tremors after the big one my brother saw on TV, and no aftershock or any other shaky feeling reached here. Everything is fine.

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